Wednesday, 25 May 2016

A Little Update

It doesn't seem to make a huge difference overall, but everything I do gets Chez Penny a little nearer to being 'finished'.  I've used inverted commas here because who knows when a place is really finished?  I would like to have done lots of things and maybe not exactly what I have done, but financial restraints have meant that those ideas have had to be shelved or scaled down or even left hanging.

But I have been busy and things are moving on, even if it doesn't look much changed.  I painted the bathroom window, for example and gave the room itself a second coat - although there is still the door to do.

It doesn't look much... (a bit messy, in fact)

Bathroom window

...but it is a step forward.  I also painted the front window of the bedroom on the outside, but I haven't taken a picture yet - it took all day to dry and still needs a second coat.  I hate painting gloss and this time I just threw the brush in the bin instead of attempting to wash it out in white spirit!

I also did the little side window...

Bedroom side window

...and slapped a quick coat on the fireplace...

Bedroom fireplace

But before I did all that I painted the whole of the downstairs window and door with the white gloss and now I feel like I have stepped into a 70s movie everytime I go into that room. I wouldn't be surprised if Emma Peel stepped out from behind a door, or came running down the stairs in her shiny leather gear.  There's such a lot of white in the room, she might vanish like the Cheshire Cat, except for her smile...

RDC window and door

...see what I mean ?

Anyway, that was almost a whole day's work and there seems to be very little to show for it.

But one day, it will all come together, the floors will be done and the furniture will be moved in.  As someone is coming to stay there in August, I guess that will happen in a couple of months!

Apart from some electrical jobs and a bit of boxing-in of pipework, it's the floors that are going to be the worst nightmare I think.  Note to self: put all the things you are taking home in a pile by the front door and start the floor painting at the farthest point away from there...


  1. Well Penny, I am liking it and I can see the progress. Funny you mentioned Emma Peel, I loved 'The Avengers' and admired Emma Peel very much!

  2. And I really like the light that comes through those front windows. I'd be tempted to have some plants there on that window sill. I like your place.

  3. You're doing really well Penny, I felt exhasted again just reading all you've been doing! You should be very proud of yourself for sure!