Thursday, 23 June 2016

Hot, Hot, Hot...

Suddenly it's Summer!  Yesterday was 34 degrees and today is only a little cooler.

So I've been painting - windows and doors and shutters.

In fact, the sun has been so hot that I couldn't paint one half of a window because the sun was on it and the paint would have blistered.  I painted one shutter in the bedroom, but couldn't do the other for the same reason.

But I prepared and painted the one shutter. The paint was pretty bad...

Shutter, before sanding

...but I sanded it down well...

Shutter, ready to paint

...and gave it one cot of cream gloss. No picture yet, sorry.

I also gave pretty well everything that didn't move fast enough a coat of the same cream gloss :-)

So mostly all the painting is done now (I probably won't do another coat of cream as I'm going to sell the property soon.  Please.  I hope.

Meanwhile, my other property, a house and barns at La Tache is already for sale. Hopefully I'll sell both places fairly soon and then I'll have enough money to live on or move back to England.

I miss my family and although one of the children currently lives in France, he is soon to move to Barcelona.  It's hard to be on your own in rural France,where nothing much happens - although the weather is lovely.

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