Saturday, 27 February 2016

Architect's Sampler

The shop is progressing as fast as it can with only one old woman doing the work for a couple of hours each day!  I seem to be better at the demolition than the decoration!

Yesterday I started work on what I like to call the Flamingo wall (pink paint; picture of flamingoes) - it used to look like this...

Living room

and yesterday I took off most of the plaster to reveal the lath structure underneath...

Exposed lathe and plaster 1

I'm planning to clean up the laths, neaten the earth and stone filling, make it secure with a coat of vitirificateur and leave it as a feature.

 The top of the wall is an area between two beams and I plan to cut the plaster back at the edges of the wood uprights and leave a rectangle in each.

top of the lathe and plaster wall

 I'm not sure what to do here, but maybe a paint effect or stencil.

The room is starting to look like an architect's sampler, with exposed firebricks on the chimney-piece, the exposed stone wall by the window and now the lath and plaster...  Methinks this will be the end of the wall nudity!

So today I will finish this wall (hopefully) and maybe get some painting done upstairs in the bedroom while the dust settles in the living room/kitchen!


  1. You have given yourself such a lot of work!

  2. You remind me of myself, enjoying projects. I lived in an old house in the country by myself years ago. I didn't own it, but I cleaned it up and I had so much fun. I'll keep checking back to see what you have accomplished.