Monday, 21 November 2011

Nearly Ready to Open...

Hooray!!!  I managed to find a shelving unit on Saturday and took it over to the shop today.  Polly from the Maison Lapeyriere helped me get it out of the car as it was rather heavy! It is Pecan wood, apparently, but looks like a light mahogany or teak.  It came from the Reclamation Yard in Confolens. Terry was very helpful, measuring everything and getting it in the car for me.

So here it is...

new shelf unit

...and, as you can see, I have managed to fill it up quite well!

I spent several hours in the shop today and got quite a bit done, although it's slow going - bringing the boxes down from 2 floors up, unpacking, arranging, pricing etc.  I must admit I'm quite tired now and about to have a restorative glass of wine.

Here are a few pictures to show you how it all looks now.

looking to the back's a bit bare at the back of the shop!  I want to use the table for a knitting group meetings and workshops, so I can't fill up the space too much.

Welsh Dresser

The welsh dresser makes a pretty display unit.  I've had several offers for the dresser itself, but it was a present from my husband, and I love it.

Remember that cactus I made?  Here is what it was for...

Cacti  in terrarium on shelf unit

...I had this terrarium thingy, with four little pots in.  Not really useful for anything living, but I thought it would be ideal for the cacti!

My friend Anne gave me a garland to go along the front windowsill and it just fits perfectly!

Anne's garland

You can see the window display a bit better in this photo...

window display on table

I'll be back tomorrow and, hopefully, ready to open on Wednesday!


  1. How lovely....lots of people are going to have a great time shopping!
    Lots of luck with it all!x

  2. It's looking very interesting. I love shops with a variety of stuff; vintage, hand-made and antique. Good luck with the re-opening!

  3. I wish we were a bit nearer! It all looks great.