Sunday, 20 November 2011


Made some mittens today for the shop - fingerless.  The mittens, that is...  There doesn't seem to be a translation for fingerless gloves, or fingerless mittens.  If you know one, let me know!


The pattern is by an old friend of mine - Sandra Buckley - she sells her pattern on Etsy - her shop is called Bijou Boutique.

Apart from making fingerless mittens, I have baked some cheese and herb scones....

Cheese and herb scones

...and even cleaned a couple of windows!

The weather has been warm today and I haven't needed to light the wood burner at all.  Maybe in a few millenia, we'll be eating Christmas Lunch on the beach like my Australian friends! (Or more likely round the lake, as it takes about 2 hrs to get to any beach from here!)

Lake at St. Barbant

Yesterday I made some cacti - see my other blog for details - and I've published the pattern (FREE) on Ravelry.  It's not exactly going like wildfire, but there have been a few downloads.

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  1. I used "mitaines avec torsades"
    mitaines is fingerless gloves with twists as in the cable pattern.