Thursday, 17 November 2011

l'Heure Bleue

I have to confess I did nothing in the shop today except remove a cupboard handle so I could mend it at home, and take in some dusters and polish.  I did go and look at a brocante in Rancon to see if there was anything going cheap that I could use for display, but, of course, there was nothing. The shop is half-empty because I have no more items to display stuff on.  Still, at least that gives me room to put out a table on which to do my classes, if I ever get them going...

But I did take some pictures in Le Dorat - as I came up to the square from La Petite Fontaine, the outline of the statue was so stunning, I just had to take a photo...

Walking up to the top square

...and when I reached the square itself, it was like something from an old movie...

l'Heure Bleue

The French call this twilight time l'heure bleue, which is so descriptive!

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  1. L'Heure Bleue--yes, do you remember the perfume of that name? I bought some because I love the idea of the name--what it invoked. I think I may have mentioned that before here on your blog. Your photos are striking, I think you captured the feeling!