Saturday, 12 November 2011

Painting and Preparing

I finally got to the shop today to paint the interior.  It badly needed it as, during the art exhibition, things were stuck on the wall and brought off spots of paint when they were taken down...

Wall before painting

...also, the paint needed freshening up, as it is an old building with stone walls and the paint tends to discolour over time.  Now, though, it is sparkling white!

Front half of wall painted...

I spent most of the day there and, after the painting, put up a few bits and pieces, including some Christmas baubles...

Bags and baubles

...and tried displaying some of the brooches and tree ornaments on the welsh dresser...

Dressing the dresser

There's no point in doing too much at the moment, as Pete will be in on Monday to fix a heater and work some magic with the front door so that the rain and snow doesn't come in. He'll also fit a new pane of glass that was broken last summer.  When all the work is finished I can arrange the window properly - adding a pretty tablecloth for example, and bring in other bits for display.  At the moment the window looks like this...

shopwindow display on Sat 12th Nov

...just to keep people's interest and show them that something is happening!

From the outside it looks quite pretty too.

shopwindow on Sat 12th Nov


  1. That is beginning to look very inviting!

  2. Now then, this looks my kind of shop.....fabulous!

    I love the brooches!


  3. How lovely Penny. Really wish I lived closer.
    A x

  4. G'dayPenny. Good luck with it all, it looks fabulous. Take care. Liz...

  5. You will soon be back in business! Congratulations!