Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Opening Day at the Shop

Today was the official opening day of the shop.  No bells, no whistles, no fuss... and no customers!

Fortunately I was able to get in some good crochet time...

Penny crocheting on sofa

(Goodness, I look like the before advert for plastic surgery).

I am making some Christmas Bunting to hang outside (or inside if it's raining) the shop window.  Perhaps then people will know the shop is open.

Making bunting

I also made two of the triangles into a coaster...

Christmas coaster 2
Christmas coaster

It was pretty cold today and not many people even came along the street - one or two looked in the shop and read the opening hours, so maybe they'll be back.  I'm hoping some of the members of my old knitting group will pop in and do some knitting at the Chez Penny table, which is looking pretty good...

wool on table 2

My friend Anne came for lunch and stayed until the shop closed, so at least I had someone to talk to!

Ah well - can't be any worse tomorrow and at least I'm getting the bunting done!

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