Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Window Dressing

Today the sun has shone!  At last!  And it's forecast to be good for the rest of the week too!

I decided to go and arrange the shop window...

First I moved a table so it was under the window...

... and then I found a pretty cloth for it and arranged a few things on it...

...and then a few more...

...and more again!

When there was no more room I put in another table and some other small furniture behind the window, but with room for customers (!) to pass between.

I also hung some things from a beam and I think it looked rather pretty when I'd finished!

Later in the week I'm hoping to take over my welsh dresser to display some more things, and get a plate rack up on the wall to display (it's all there in the name) plates.

Two lots of people came in to look round while I was there so I think maybe I'd better come up with a list of prices in case there's any chance of a sale!


  1. I'm so glad your little store is coming along. Nice window display. Will you be adding any color or maybe your store name above the outside windows? The street area certainly looks clean.

  2. It certainly looks interesting, and I am sure you will have lots of folks dropping in so better get on with those pretty price tickets!
    I wonder if there will be a photo of your dresser and the plates soon?
    Blessings, Val