Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Hearth and Home

It's been good to have Jason here this week - he has been a great help in the shop.  Yesterday he took down the bit of ceiling left by the builder who re-did the floor, and a dirty job it was too!

Here he is part of the way through...

...and here it is, finished!

It was the bit of ceiling under the hearth upstairs, and full of brick, stone and concrete!  Very hard to remove, and a dirty job.  This is what is upstairs...

It was extra difficult because the builder had boarded across it with the new floor upstairs, as you can see here...

... and it was only accessible from underneath.

He also removed the plasterboard from the underside of the stairs so we could see what the problem was with one of the steps, which had dropped.  Turns out it was that the support for the step has come out of the wall (was only in the plaster, it seems) so it will need to be repaired.

Tomorrow a builder is coming to have a good look.  Here's what the stairs look like from underneath...

...actually they look reasonably OK, so I'm hoping there's no major work to do!

Today I did almost nothing - only put some paint on the bit left up the stairs behind the handrail - but Jason painted the door shutter with undercoat again, put a couple of coats on the beam at the front of the shop, and some cosmetic work where bits of previous paint was 'bleeding through'.  No pictures, I'm afraid!

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