Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Chez Penny - the Sunshine Shop

Well, not exactly...

I had a rendezvous this morning at 9am with Luke, who had a little bit of work to do inside the roof of the shop, and is coming back later to see why water is dripping down a chimney that he capped off last year.  So I was there first thing, and opened up the shop.  The weather was sunny and the forecast was for a warm day.  However, the shop (like many of these old granite stone buildings with thick walls) has its own micro climate and it was freezing in there.  After lunch (a great vegetable lasagne from La Petite Fontaine) the sun had come round and it was warm outside, so I took a chair and my crochet (another Attic24 bag) on to the pavement and sat there with a mug of coffee.  Lovely!!!

Look carefully at this picture and you will see me...

...and here is the view to my left:

I'll certainly do it again - there was a lot of interest - some people slowed down as they passed in their cars, to get a look!

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