Friday, 4 June 2010

The Whiteness of White

Today I finished the walls of the shop. They are so white! Well, to be honest, there are are a few dodgy bits, but we won't speak about those... they'll be covered with furniture anyway!

Now it looks like this...

At about 4 o'clock an Irish guy walked in through the open door, and asked if I spoke English. I said I did and was, in fact, English. He asked if I had any trophies - cups and the like. I said no. He asked if I had any English furniture and I said sorry, no - I was only just setting up the shop (I was in the middle of painting the stairs wall and the shop was completely littered with all sorts of stuff - as you can see). He then asked about the French high chair that was standing there, and I explained what it was and how it made into a low chair and table.

He asked the price and seemed interested, so I asked if he would like to see how it converted. He said yes, so I took off my vinyl gloves. parked my paintbrush and showed him. He said I should have no trouble in selling it at that price, and asked if I had any hats...

Parsley, Sage Rosemary and Thyme

I have all of these in the garden, but the parsley has been attacked...

... parsley-stuffed rabbit, anyone?

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