Saturday, 5 June 2010

Brocante at Chauvigny

I went back to Chauvigny today (there is a great market there on Saturdays) to take some pictures of a fabulous Brocante shop...

...inside it is crammed full of all sorts of treasures - but at a price!

If Chez Penny ended up looking like this I would be a very happy lady.

I have a mixture of brocante and hand-made items that I think would go very well together, and maybe my prices could be a little lower than I saw in Chauvigny. The first time I turned a label over (why are expensive things always displayed with the prices turned over?) I thought the price was in francs and not euros!


  1. Great brocante shop!!!
    I have almost the same lamp as on picture four
    and it need a new lampshade and thanks to you I know now what to do with it!
    Love the white lace.
    The outside of the shop is lovely,It would be a great subject for a watercolour!

  2. Beautiful place, I would love to browse there. Inspiring, too.