Thursday, 3 June 2010

Painting the Walls (2)

Yes, I'm back again, painting the walls of the shop. One day it'll be finished (and that day's not too far off)!

I used 2.5 litres of paint today and had to stop because I had nowhere to move a big piece of plasterboard to - having moved it as far to the front of the shop as possible in order to paint the maximum of wall and the rest of the wall was still wet...

I could have painted more up the stairs if only I had cleaned it down before I started, but cleaning a dusty, dirty, flaking-painty wall while the paint next to it is still wet is a VERY BAD idea.

Just after I started I remembered to take a photo:

...or two

Tomorrow I'll finish it off (it's almost finished now, but I forgot to take more photos) and do some more of the stairs wall.

What I've done today will need a second coat too, especially the stairs bit.

The good news is - I sold a pair of candlesticks and a cake tin while I was working, to people who were passing by!

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