Sunday, 27 June 2010

Hot, hot, hot...

A VERY hot day in Le Dorat! Apparently my street is boiling and airless in the summer and freezing cold with a wind to rival the mistral in the winter...

...according to my old French neighbours, who I sat out with this afternoon.

This morning I started on the shop window at 9 am, because I knew it would be too hot later.  And it was.  I gave the window a coat of cream, then did the back of the door and gave the front a third coat.  Should last longer than me now!

Then I sat and had my lunch and a cold drink (I love grapefruit sirop and cold water) and sat and finished this little baby hat.

Then I started another Attic 24 bag with the odds and ends of wool I had upstairs in the shop.

I was part-way through the base of that when my French neighbour invited me to sit by the side of the road with them.  (I thought they had a courtyard garden, but apparently not). She said (her name is Nicole) they often bring chairs outside and sit in the shade just down from the house.  They can see if anyone comes, or hear the telephone (and it did ring, too)!

We chatted for an hour or so (poor husband missed the match, which he wanted to see) as Nicole pleaded with him to stay and talk to us.  Not that he's very talkative, but he did stay - wasn't that sweet of him?  He's 80 something, and she's 73. He calls her 'ma petite' - though she's not so petite any more - and she calls him Coco, though I gather his name is Jacques. How I wish I had someone to love me and that I loved like that.  They have been married 56 years and both have lived in Le Dorat all their lives.

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  1. Hi Penny, the photos of your shop window look really pretty, when are you opening?