Saturday, 26 June 2010

Painting the Door

I went into the shop today to paint the front door.  I had hoped to do the board above the front window too but by the time I got started it was much too hot - the window being in full sun in the afternoons.

I got some acrylic paint mixed in the morning, in Deco Lim in Bellac - ridiculously expensive but an amazing paint scheme!  I took the shade card and they zapped it into the machine electronically, which mixed up the identical paint.  How's that for technology!

I gave the front door two coats on the outside, and also its shutter...

I love the colour - a sort of pale greeny-duck egg.

Whilst in Bellac I went to Vetriano's and got my craft things that had been on display in the window.  I banged some nails in the shop beams and put some of them up...

...and displayed other bits on items in the shop window...

It's been a really hot day here, but I'm not complaining.  Paint dries in about 20 minutes!

I'm going over early tomorrow morning to paint the front window.  I have to do it on a Sunday, so that there is less risk of passing people peering in and having a cream line across their clothes! With my luck it'll probably rain!

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  1. Your shop looks gorgeous - I would like to see a recipe for the pudding! Lovely to look at your window with the birds and flowers. I hope you do really well this summer.
    Blessings, Val