Thursday, 1 July 2010

Sussex Pond Pudding (all over again!)

On Tuesday night I slept at the shop.  Not for any experimental purpose, but because, when I got home that evening, I remembered I had left all the windows open on the top two floors - and there was rumour of a storm...  So I packed an overnight bag and went back to Le Dorat.  It wasn't very comfortable, sleeping on a thin quilt and a sleeping bag on the floor, and the night was very hot, but I did get some sleep and woke up refreshed.

Now here's the interesting part...  after breakfast I walked down to the market, down my street, through Place Charles de Gaulle, 

down the Grande Rue (a tiny, twisty street) 

(seen here with the town band marching up)

and into the Place de la Coll√©giale, which I don't have a picture of! 

And it felt so French!  I loved it!  I never thought I could live in a town - and always told everyone that I could definitely not live without a garden - but now I am beginning to wonder.

So - Sussex Pond Pudding?

In the sixth form, at school, we went on a field trip (for Geography) to Dorset, and stayed with the geography teacher, Miss Lester, in her tiny cottage.  She cooked for us and packed up sandwiches for the expeditions AND did the teaching/leading too!  Amazing.  One day she cooked this dessert - Sussex Pond Pudding, and when she told us what it consisted of I was very loud in declaring that I would not have any of it - I would hate it. (I was an obnoxious teenager). Well, she gave me a little to try, and it was DELICIOUS!!!! I had an extra helping (I was fat as well as obnoxious) and everyone laughed at me.

So once again I have to climb down off my high horse!

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