Thursday, 5 March 2009

Wednesday's Child

Well, I was certainly full of woe yesterday, although I was actually born on a Sunday, which makes me wise and wonderful, blithe and gay...

...but not yesterday.

Yesterday I went to Brico Depot in Poitiers with Ian, to buy plumbing stuff for the shop and flat above. Because of the 12 o'clock closing, we didn't get everything we needed in BricoDepot and planned to come back after lunch for the copper pipe. We did, however, find a corner shower 'parois' (the doors and their fittings) and a shower tray and fittings. We put them in the van, went and had lunch, then went to Leroy Merlin for a look at lights. We didn't ever get to the lights, as I bought a complete kitchen for the flat above the shop, all in flatpack - on special offer!

This is the kitchen from their website picture, although it's not exactly what I got...

What I got (from memory - it's not unpacked) is a couple of small wall cupboards, a couple of floor cupboards - one with sink on top ( sink included) and electric oven, hob, extractor and the faux granite worktop. Also a fridge-freezer. A pretty good deal for 890 euros.

It was a struggle getting them in the van, and we had to tip the shower package on its side to get everything in. As Ian did this, there was the tinkle of glass, and it was obvious one of the glass doors was broken. Bother!

So... back to BricoDepot and an argument a discussion with the management as to what should be done. In the end they gave us a second shower paroi for an extra 50 euros. I can't see how we could have been responsible for breaking a door (in the middle of the package) but they were adamant that we must have done. Apparently safety glass is very fragile - maybe the road was rough, or in turning the package we had twisted it...

So Ian dropped me at my car in Bussiere-Poitevine at almost six o'clock after a frustrating day! He and Debra have gone back to the Poitiers store today to pick up the copper pipe, taps etc that we didn't get yesterday.

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