Saturday, 21 March 2009

Roof and Floor

Some good news - the roof's finished - and some not so good - the floor upstairs needs replacing - but, on the whole, the shop is finally 'coming along'.

Ian has put in some plumbing (the toilet now works in the shop) and Fred has taken up the old cement and tiles on the first floor. This has actually caused me a slight setback, as I expected to reveal nice boards that could be sanded. Instead the boards comprise short pieces, only reaching from beam to beam, with a finish that looks as if a VERY poor apprentice used the saw

First floor, kitchen area

Ian tells me that this was normal building practice at the time - they used the cheapest possible boards - offcuts of some sort, with only one side planed. The planed side faced down to give a pretty ceiling downstairs, as the top was destined to be covered with a concrete layer and tiles.

Now, obviously, these planks will have to be replaced *sigh*...

More good news is that Simon starts on renovating the windows on Monday, and then I can paint them. Who knows, I may even be open before next winter...

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