Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Slightly South of Slough

Yes, probably Guildford now, not exactly the Slough of Despond, but still fairly near...

Today I went to the shop again - no roofers working. I took some photos of the bricks down the chimney situation and went for a coffee. To be fair, half of the bricks were gone and it wasn't as messy as the previous day.
After a coffee I went back to the shop and Luke was there by then. He said the chimney is capped off but now one part of it needs re-facing as the remaining bricks are soft and will soon be in a bad state if this is not done.
I had a look at the windows with Simon, who is going to quote for their repair, as well as the shop fa├žade. He may be able to start at the end of the month...

So it will be many months before the shop is open to trade.

On the plus side, the permission has come through to paint the outside although, obviously, this will be one of the last jobs...

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