Wednesday, 6 April 2016

What a Difference a Day Makes

24 little hours, as they say... or 5 hours painting beams with undercoat.

I was so tired when I finished working today.  I started at about 10.30 and finally crawled back to the car at about half-past three.  First I did a little filling... then I vitrified the other side of the alcove... and then I started on the ceiling beams.  They will look good when they have had their final coat of paint, but they look pretty fine, just in the undercoat right now, although a bit shiny as they're still wet!

Undercoated beams 2

Undercoated beams 1

I did stop for lunch, of course, but carried straight on afterwards.  My neck was really cricked when I finished, from being in that 'staring upward' position for so long, and I just felt like I wanted to get into my bed and sleep...

Thank goodness I don't have a house with 775 rooms, like Buckingham Palace! Not that, I suppose, Queenie does her own decorating...

I looked out those old wallpapers that I found in the shop when I bought it, but I don't think any will be of use for the alcove.  There is an orangey one and a geometric pattern in a kind of red (very 70s)...

old wallpaper 3

old wallpaper 2

...but these are only little bits and the one that there is a whole roll of is very sweet but definitely not suitable...

old wallpaper 1

So I'm waiting for new inspiration now.


  1. My goodness you make me feel incredibly lazy! You're doing a fantastic job Penny!

  2. It's a lot lighter than that dark mess the previous tenant left behind!