Monday, 11 April 2016

April Showers

I went to the shop today to take photos. Saturday I made so much dust that I could not take any pictures at all. I could barely breathe, in fact - despite the dust mask - and I managed to get some dirt in my eye which was fairly uncomfortable. But, dear readers, I have FINISHED THE DIRTY BIT! I think! And Dan finished the electrifying job of the hob, oven and sockets and the place is now ready to rock and roll! More or less. Well, it is better than a squat, although maybe not exactly finished...

Today I took some pictures of the kitchen as it is at present...

Kitchen so far

oven, hob and sockets in

It's looking OK, I think, though I haven't given this area much thought as yet.  I've left the old sink under the stairs and not had the new one put in at all, as it seems pointless having two sinks!

I suppose I'll need to think about what to do with the floor at some point, as it hasn't even been oiled down here.  Maybe I'll just put some vitrificateur on it for the moment.  Upstairs I was thinking of sanding down the boards and oiling again with linseed. i just don't have the money for click-clack flooring, or even vinyl...  There will be rugs in the living room and bedroom anyway, so not much floor actually showing.

I still have half a tin of CAMI sous-couche (undercoat) that I'm going to use on the kitchen beams, I think. I'll give that a try later in the week and see how it looks.  I really need to put some insulation between the beams at some point, but I'm not sure how I'll do that.  I guess I could use sheeps wool, but it will need an awful lot! If you buy the commercial stuff, it costs a fortune, and picking bits of barbed-wire fences might take more time than I've got!

I know I should be more organised, and now that I've finished the demolition bit, I think I should try to start at the bedroom and work down.  At present the en-suite bathroom is a greeny-blue colour and I have undercoated the beams but that is all.  I need to get that sorted, paint the door and put it back on, and  install the new light. It's just such a tricky little room to get into, the stepladder doesn't fit in easily and, without the light, it's a bit dark in there!

On the first floor, I just have to paint, I think, so that won't be too bad.  It is a lovely light room...

Living room, front 2

Living room, back

...and will be very pretty when it's finished.

So, tomorrow I will start the cleaning-up and then the painting.  Hopefully the weather will be warm, as there is no heating in the living room now, because all the electric radiators have to be assigned to new positions and that can't be done until the painting is finished.

Weather wise it is April.  Say no more.

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  1. Okay, just me here, but I'd take out the old sink and have the new one put in. You could use the old sink area for shelf storage. I like the sleek look of your 'fitted' kitchen.