Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Renovation Progress

Yes, I'm making progress.  But there's a lot to do, although I didn't realise just HOW much until I started.

I'm doing several things at once, as is my wont. I just like to see progress everywhere to some extent.

In the bedroom I've started painting the walls with a primrose colour that I mixed myself...

R of fireplace

and I've painted a few of the beams, near the window above, with Annie Sloan chalk paint - which is really easy to use - but I haven't taken any pictures of that yet.

In the kitchen I was cleaning up a beam above the window and removing some old, loose plaster, when I leant my hand on the wall over the sink and discovered that most of the plaster was hollow. So I decided to take it off...

Stone over sink 3

...and reveal the stone wall underneath.

Stone over sink

When all the plaster is off (and, of course, there is a stubborn patch that is NOT loose and is being a pain) the wall will be pointed in the traditional way out here, to seal it and make it look good.

Christmas has inconveniently interrupted my plans to get down and dirty (and it IS dirty, believe me) but I will be back there to carry on ASAP - probably tomorrow and Boxing Day...