Thursday, 10 December 2015

Making Over the Shop

So - after two years, the shop in Le Dorat is finally getting a renaissance.

It is looking pretty sad at the moment - the two years have certainly taken their toll.  Everything needs painting - the windows and doors especially. As no-one is living there at present the windows get condensation on them which runs down to the frame and ruins the paintwork.  Really they could do with being replaced but that would cost a fortune and look out of place, I think.

The windows are also closed only by a bar which wedges across the two halves and holds the window shut. Reasonably effective but not really burglar-proof!

And then, the room was painted brown by a previous 'tenant' (who left me with a €400 electricity bill) and I despair of being able to cover the colour.  In the picture above the walls of the window embrasure have had one coat of magnolia emulsion so far...

He also 'plastered' most of the walls (with his hands) leaving a VERY uneven surface! I am beginning to think I may have to rip off all the plaster, but maybe  I can sand it down or something. (Not looking forward to the mess that would cause!)

Any suggestions would be welcomed!!!

Yesterday I chiselled off some plaster on the fireplace, hoping to expose an attractive wooden beam or lintel, but all I found was brick...

So now I'm thinking I might take the fireplace down brick by brick - it is already capped off at roof level - and get a bit more room...

So I'm off there today to do a bit more and have a serious think. Watch this space!


  1. I wonder if there might be a wooden beam further up the wall?
    How disgraceful to leave you with such a big debt.

  2. That is a lot to do and one would want to keep it in character. What will you do with the place when done? I always wonder how ones settle where they are. Would love to know your story.

  3. Penny, I thought you had sold this place? Apparently not. Hope you can get it back to the way you want it without it costing you too much. If I were there, I'd help you! Keep us posted with photos!

  4. A very brave undertaking...good luck!