Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Christmas Update

Every time I go to the shop I take a box or two of things....  there's so much there now that I'm running out of space, so I think I can't take anything else.

I've put new stuff in the window...

Window 2

...including some tea cosies...

Window 1

I've added more stuff to the Welsh Dresser...

Welsh Dresser

...and the French Dresser (Vaisselier)...

French Dresser

... and hung more things from the beams.

Hanging things

In fact, after I took this photo I hung up some more bunting!

All I need now are the customers!


  1. It all looks so tempting. Do the French know what a teacosy is, I wonder?!

  2. It's looking good Penny - sorry, Ive been away from blogland for a while, what made you go back to the shop, if its not too cheeky to ask.

    I am a teacosy fan, yours look marvellous, as does everything you do.

    I tried to talk my sister into knitting one for me - who knows.


  3. The shop looks lovely Penny! I wish it was in my town so that I could pop in every week to see what you have added :)x

  4. I love that multi-coloured teddy bear closest to the camera in the first picture. Oh, how I wish I lived near you so I could come and make some purchases - your shop looks so wonderful!

  5. It all looks beautiful!!! How I wish you were near me!
    Happy Christmas & a Great New Year !!!

    Sharon xx

  6. Hi there and thank you so so much for dropping by at my little 'crafte nook' by the sea, and how pleased i am that you did...your blog is wonderful and i am in love with your little shop...i haven't seen much of the whole blog yet but i have a mug of tea in hand and shall have a jolly good parusal.....i shall be back for more comment dropping soon. ;)
    Happy Christmas Pixie