Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Trade is Looking Up

Well, Le Dorat may be a sleepy little town, but at Chez Penny it's been pretty busy today!

I took more money than ever before and had lots of people in looking round.  It was great!

I was making lavender sachets and selling them almost as quickly as I made them...

...but they do take almost an hour to make and, at 3,50€ each they're a good bargain I think.

(Incidentally I've made the pattern available FREE on Ravelry)

The lavender comes from my garden, and is grown without fertilisers or pesticides.  It grows brilliantly out here!

I also sold a set of teacups, saucers and tea plates to a man who runs a shop in town called La Maison du Terroir, and they have a couple of little tables outside where you can have a cup of tea - no food though, unless you buy a packet of biscuits!  He said he liked the idea of serving his drinks in the bone china cups and saucers.

He's coming back tomorrow to look at a little wall cupboard!


  1. Glad to see business is picking up!
    Hope you get the sale tomorrow also.