Saturday, 24 July 2010

Shop Sign

Some time ago I decided that I could make my own shop name sign.  I can't signwrite, nor was I going to knit or crochet one!  I was going to print out the letters, cut them out and stick them on the signboard above the shop window.

Not such a stupid idea - I have done this before, with my staircase back in England.  With my daughter's help I printed out the words of Ruby Tuesday on to heavy A4 tracing paper, cut them out, stuck them on the risers of the stairs and varnished over them  It worked a treat!

Of course - I couldn't find the pad of tracing paper, but I printed out a letter and tried it on the board for size, and it was just right.

Today I came across the tracing paper, so the letters are printed!

Here they are on my floor, at home.

I'm not sure how to manage sticking them on the board above the shop window - maybe I'll have to cut them out, put them on another board, and varnish them and then attach that board at the shop.  I can't see how I could cut out, stick and varnish from the top of a stepladder, with the traffic driving up and down the street!

It'll be good to have the name up - I'm surprised at how many people look in the window then take a step back and look up at where the name should be!

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