Wednesday, 21 July 2010

It was nice to have a few days off, but today I was back in the shop. I was worried that the geraniums might have expired, but they were fine.

Before I left home I cut 16 bunches of lavender from my garden, to hang in the shop.  It looked like rain, so I thought I'd better do this early!

When I got to Le Dorat, I hammered in nails along the beams and hung the lavender alternately with my little Victoria bags.  It smelt divine and looked pretty good too!

I also hung up the copper pans I'd cleaned over the weekend.

Overall the shop was looking great!

But the weather was against me - it was cold and started to rain soon after I got to the shop and didn't stop until nearly 5 o'clock!

So I carried on with my granny blanket, and got lots done...

... I think I'm about halfway through, but it's difficult to assess as I'm simply going to finish when I've run out of yarn!

Anyway - it kept me warm!

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