Saturday, 10 April 2010

Marketing the Shop

I am basing my marketing on a campaign of wonderment. I intend to put some things in the window every few weeks - with no explanation. The shop is on the way to the Post Office, so most people pass it fairly regularly. I reckon, if I change the window from time to time, they will begin to wonder what is going on, and what the shop is going to be eventually. I don't intend to do any other marketing - just work up this question in their minds. It's not something that is normally done so I think it will generate some interest.

I've started with a small display of Barbie and Ken dolls...

... in a couple of weeks I'll change it for something completely different among the things I'll eventually be selling. Already my elderly neighbours have said how much they like the Barbie window!

Next time, maybe it'll be some china and glass...

1 comment:

  1. I love that your elderly neighbours approve of Ken and Barbie - china and glass indeed!!

    The shop is really coming along now - it's great when you get to the stage where you can actually see the changes and how far you've got. Are you planning a summer opening?