Friday, 23 April 2010

How much is that Teddy in the Window?

Sue and I added some more things to the shop window the other day, teddies and other things.

Every time I go into Le Dorat I take more stuff to the shop. Usually I meet Sue for lunch or a coffee and she helps me carry the boxes out of the car.

Last time I was 'collared' by the little old lady who lives next door, and she said how much she loved the dolls and bears and that she had loads too! She said lots of people stop and look in the window. She grabbed by the arm and took me to the shop window and said I must put a 'tapis' on the table under the dolls and bears. She obviously thinks it is my permanent window display!

After the brocante on Saturday, I'm going to change the window and take out the toys and put in some china (if it doesn't all sell at the brocante), so I'll put a nice cloth underneath it all - that'll please her.

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