Saturday, 27 February 2010

Some Progress!

Golly - you're thinking - a new post on this blog! Yes, I know, but there's just been nothing happening until now.

This last week Giles has been working on the shop and has done loads for me. He has:

  • installed all the light fittings in the shop and the other floors

this was the original light, cleaned up - and original bulbs too!
  • installed the oven and hob in the kitchen and put the fronts on all the kitchen units and drawers
  • fitted the heaters on the first and second floors

  • installed the shower cubicle

... and done loads of other things, of which I have no photos to show you - such as the renovation of the front door; the plug sockets on an upstand at the back of the kitchen worksurface; (actually you can see them in the kitchen units picture) and the puzzling over why the water in the downstairs sink would not flow away...

Actually, we solved that problem when Matt (a local builder) came to quote for a bit of plastering and took out the drain in the sink. It looked like a simple 'hairtrap' such as you would have in a shower, but actually had a sort of bell arrangement on the underside that fitted so snugly in the drainhole (lined with a rubber arrangement) that it acted like a plug, and not a drain at all!

It looked as if it was permanently fixed, but Matt levered it out and showed us that it wasn't. Now I have to put a spoon handle in to lift it out when I want to empty out the sink, but HEY - at least the water drains away!

Matt is coming in to plaster next week and after that I can paint the walls, when I come back from England, mid-March. Hopefully the weather will be a bit less tempestuous then too!

So watch this space!

Oh - and did I say I'm hoping to open for the summer months? I want to see if I can sell some of my vintage things and my crafts too. Wish me luck and I'll keep you posted! If you're visiting the Limousin this summer - l'et me know, and I'll put the coffee on...

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