Thursday, 8 October 2009

Summer 2010 Opening (I think...)

Yes, I have made a decision! ...well, sort of...I think least, it's a definite maybe.... of a kind...

Oh, blow it - this is what I have in mind, although it may change, as my mind seems to vary from day to day, mood to mood and so on...

I am thinking of opening the shop next summer and moving in for the time that it is open. Probably the summer months from June to August or September. During this time I will let my house out for holidays, and this will bring in some cash, as I don't expect the shop will make any. For years. If ever. At least it will get it out of my system and I can see whether my stuff sells or not.

Giles has finished off the floor for me...

... put in the hatch to the cellar...

... and completed some other little jobs, such as putting the lights in the downstairs toilet and upstairs shower room.

He's coming back next February to do some more work there, and in-between I hope I can stir myself to do some wall filling and painting. If I manage it, I'll let you know!


  1. Renovation...takes me back to our first house here!
    Think it is you that I'm swapping with?? but didnt have your blog name.

  2. I am loving seeing how things are progressing and I am excited for you. I want to see you keep on moving forward with your plan! VERY charming building.