Tuesday, 19 July 2016

High dee High

Not good weather for campers.  Far too hot.  Today was predicted to be 39°C, although it seems it was only 36 in actual fact.  Phew - thank goodness! What on earth would we have done with those extra 3 degrees?

Anyone getting the same temperatures out there in Blogland?

For your information 36°C is 98°F.  Pretty Hot.

Too hot for decorating, although indoors in the apartment is cooler than outdoors.

So I painted the first side of the second shutter, did the side window downstairs, put a second coat on the boxed-in pipes upstairs...

Pipes boxed in 1st floor

Do you see the wet patch on the floor - bottom left? That's where I spilt the tin of paint (not too much, happily) and had to wipe it up with paper towels and white spirit.  It had to happen some time, I suppose...

Then I put a final coat of gloss on the risers of the stairs from the first floor living room to the bedroom above...

Stair risers painted cream

This was one of my best ideas, I think, and it has greatly brightened up what was a rather dark staircase.  I would love to decorate the risers with words or a stencil, but I don't think I'll have the time...

Yes, that IS daylight you can see through a couple of the stairs, but I can assure you they are perfectly safe. Maybe I'll patch in a bit of filler, just so it isn't quite so scary for those who are not used to it...

The bedroom floor is all polished now, and I can start to put in the furniture - although there isn't much.  The single bed is already in situ and there is a cot to go in too.  Some curtains at the front window and it will be as finished as it's going to get for the time being.

Bedroom from Front

Bedroom from stairs

So, apart from making curtains (and putting up the rods for them) the main thing to do is sand and polish the floors on the first and ground floors.  Too hot for that today and, anyway, one thing I have learned is that you do not sand, or sweep when you have just painted, unless you want a lovely gritty finish!


  1. I love, love, love that exposed rock in your first photo, and that bedroom is a good size. All in all, it's coming along. I'd like to decorate that bedroom! Those wide wood floor boards are awesome.

  2. Penny, I like your 'Buttercup' paint color. I have the same color in my sewing room.