Thursday, 7 January 2016

DIrty Work

You can see on the photos that the air in the room is full of dust. I didn't realise when I took the photos, that it would show quite so much...

7th Jan 4

Today I did remember the protective glasses, but I didn't take a hat to cover my hair, so I was scratching my head all the way home and I'm sure the shoppers in Lidl, where I bought orange juice and a baguette, thought I had a bad case of head lice!

As well as taking off some more of the plaster, as you can see, I took my hot-air gun and stripped some of the wood.  Next time I'll take the sander, so I can see what the wood will really look like if I leave it 'au naturel'...

7th Jan 3

I'll take pictures next time before I do more plaster-stripping!


  1. Petit a petit!!
    It's looking better each day.

  2. you are wearing a dust mask aren't you? I'm following your progress!