Tuesday, 31 May 2011

New Life for Chez Penny

So - finally a new post on the Chez Penny blog.

I wanted to show you some pictures...

... but a little history first.

In February I was England when I got a phone call asking if a French-Canadian could rent the shop, as he was in dire need of somewhere to stay.  After a brief consultation, I said yes, so long as he agreed to decorate in lieu of rent (all the paint etc was already there) and pay the bills incurred.  He agreed.  3 months later, when I returned to France, I met Jean, who is a very pleasant guy. I thought I would show you a few pictures which show how well he undertook his side of the bargain.

This is the living room/kitchen:

Chez Penny living room

The kitchen area and open shelves:
Chez Penny shelves in kitchen

And the bedroom with en-suite shower room:

Chez Penny bedroom

I am very happy with what he has done, and I think the place looks lovely now.  A great result.

In fact, I'm going to open the shop itself for just one day in July (Sunday 10th) for the Journée Artisanale which takes place every year in Le Dorat.

Jean has bought himself a little house now, which he is renovating, but I'm sure he will be staying in the shop for a little while yet.


  1. Hello Pearly Queen.
    I think the decorating is gorgeous I partiularly like the shelves!
    Thanks for stopping by and having a look at the blankets! Your comments are very much appreciated!
    Hugs Suex

  2. You're right - it's looks just divine...

    Jodie :)