Monday, 6 July 2009


Well, it's a while since I had anything new to show you, although work has been progressing slowly.

The first floor now looks like this:
Ian has built the back of the cupboards from the boards that formed a partition upstairs, and they look really lovely - I even like their original colour!

The bedroom on the second floor now has the shower room walls completed - and all that remains (apart from electric switches and a small glass transom window, is to put in the shower screen (That's it standing next to the French bed).

The ground floor doesn't look much different, as the floor is not yet down, but Ian is starting on that at the end of this week. Here are the latest photos, though.

Once the shop floor is down the major work will be over and I can start the finishing and the decorating.


  1. Hi Penny (?),
    I just happened on your blog---can't say for sure how : ). I was so intrigued to see that you live in France. My family and I lived in the Loire Valley for 2 yrs and we have just left Belgium after 9 yrs. We are in the states for one year and then we will move to St. Germain en Laye (just outside Paris). We are already missing Europe (the bread, the wine, the chocolate....I know you can relate!). I would love to hear more about you and your place in France and to wish you Bon Chance! Kathy

  2. The stairs are interesting... I enjoy seeing the progress on your dream!