Friday, 10 April 2009

Good Friday Chez Penny

Things are happening, but slowly.

Simon is renovating the windows but he has miscalculated the time needed and has had to stop for two weeks and do another job he had quoted for and given a start date. The shop window is mostly done though - this picture was taken when the middle two windows were still out...

...the name board has also been renovated and undercoated.

Ian has started to put in the en-suite shower room...

...but it is the Easter weekend and, although we are in France (and they don't have Good Friday off) Ian will not be back until next Tuesday (I think) and he is then going to do the first floor - taking up the scarey little boards and replacing them with new, wide and pretty pine boards.

Sunday sees the beginning of the 50th Ostension celebrations in Le Dorat. They take place every 7 years, so that is 350 years to date! This town has an amazing history. Here is Deborah from La Maison Bleue trying on Dominic's hat which is part of his uniform as a guard.

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