Friday, 23 January 2009

Space and Ladders

As you can see, all the beams have come out in preparation for new ones, so the shop currently has no floor at all!
The copper pipe you can see running across the front of the picture is the old water supply. It came in to the meter in the cellar, near the front of the shop, and was then piped left to go up the side wall to the kitchen sink on the floor above and, in a very convoluted way, to the right along the cellar wall and the left-hand wall of the back room at ceiling height, along a beam and down into the toilet in the back corner! You can see it a bit better in the picture below.
Click on a picture to see it bigger.


  1. your really doing somework
    no stopping you its great to see

  2. It's a cellar... for midgets! Am interested to know how you intend to use this space.